Installation problem - DLL has not been registered
Error message 'Class not registered' when viewing a drawing

These problems relate to missing or out-of-date Windows components that are preventing the program from fully installing. Try re-installing the program, taking note of any error messages that might occur. If the problem persists, contact Technical Support for a solution.

Error message 'Vectorization was curtailed due to a processing error'

This is a catch-all error message that is displayed when an unresolved error has occurred during drawing generation. Contact Technical Support for a solution.

Text is not displaying correctly
Text is wrongly spaced

The program cannot locate the font used in the drawing, and is substituting its own default font. In the program, go to the Options Menu > CAD Options > Support Files, and specify the directory location of the required font.

To see which fonts are used in a drawing, click on the program's Drawing Information button > Show Detailed Information.

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