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Style Editor 

The Style Editor allows you to create your own styles. Predefined styles can be modified to produce custom settings that can be saved and recalled for future use.

Predefined Styles
A number of predefined styles have been included. Changing any of their settings sets style to "New Custom Style". You have the option to save or delete custom styles.

This setting determines the degree of lateral distortion that is applied to individual lines.

Amplitude for vertical lines
A separate setting is provided to set the degree of lateral distortion applied to vertical lines. This has been included because it was noticed that drawings such as architectural elevations look better when the vertical lines are only slightly distorted.

This setting determines the number of segments that are added to individual lines. Generally, a high setting produces wigglier lines; a low setting produces smoother lines. Also, the lower the setting, the higher the performance, since fewer vectors are created.

Overshoot/ Undershoot
Use these settings to specify the degree of line overshoot/ undershoot past and towards line endpoints.

The Pen control allows you to select the type of pen to be used. Settings range from Ball Pen to Ink Pen. The Ink Pen setting adds a splutter or thickening to the beginning of each line. Lower settings approximate a ball pan; higher settings approximate an ink pen.

If Use Default Setting is checked, the setting as specified in the Create Sketch dialog is used. 

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