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Create Sketch 

CADsketch takes the lines in your drawing and applies random changes to them. The effect is to produce a drawing that looks hand-drawn.

Sketch by Layer or by Color
The drawing can be sketched by AutoCAD layers or by entity colors.

Sketch Style
Predefined settings include Steady, Wobbly, Hasty and Architectural, each of which can be modified to produce custom settings that can be saved and recalled for future use.

To select a sketch style, right mouse click on the Layers or Colors list. A popup menu appears from which styles can be selected. Select styles from the list of predefined styles, or use the Style Editor to create your own styles. Individual styles can be applied to each layer/color, or turned off completely (by selecting 'None').

Entities to be included
Select the entities to be sketched. Normally, you would not include text, circles, ellipses and arcs.

Minimum Line Threshold
This setting is used to prevent short lines from being unnecessarily sketched. Modify to set the minimum length of lines to be sketched.

Default Pen
This setting is applicable to Sketch Styles that have been set to use the default pen.

The Pen control allows you to select the type of pen used for the drawing. Settings range from Ball Pen to Ink Pen. The Ink Pen setting adds a splutter or thickening to the beginning of each line. Lower settings approximate a ball pan; higher settings approximate an ink pen.

Open/Save Settings
Click on the Open Settings button to retrieve sketch settings that have been previously saved.

Click on the Save Settings button to save sketch settings for the current drawing.

Style Editor

Sketch Options

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