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Quick Text Mode
In Quick Text Mode, text in the drawing is not fully rendered. Drawings with lots of text will display quicker in Quick Text Mode.

Curve Quality
Change the value of Curve Quality to increase/ decrease the smoothness of curves. Decreasing the value of Curve Quality can again improve drawing performance.

Select to display bitmapped images as transparent. With this setting, images appear as a background.

Support Files
If, for example, fonts in your drawing are not displaying correctly, it's possible that the program cannot locate the required file. Here you can specify the location of support files - fonts, line types and hatch patterns that are not in the current directory.

Temporary Files
During display of AutoCAD 2004/2005 files, certain temporary files are created. Here you can specify the directory location and file format for these temporary files. When specifying directory location, environment variables are supported, such as, "C:\TEMP\%username%".

Some users require the disabling of certain features in the program to be set as default values. Here you can disable saving, printing and display of embedded images in drawings.

You can also enable/disable display of an information dialog, whenever a missing external file, such as a font file or external reference, is encountered. To do this, check/uncheck "Enable dialog for missing files". This option takes effect the next time a drawing is loaded.

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